Graduated Directing – Acting from University of Art

Light Designer since 2014

Video Mapping since 2010

Programming since 2008

Computer Skills: WYSIWYG, Resolume, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Edius, SketchUP

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our services

By providing the knowledge, creativity and experience, as well as using the smart equipment and new technologies and the connection between crafts and arts, we bring dynamism and entertainment to the theater with the highest quality and the lowest cost in the best possible time.

Costume design

scene design

sound engineering

Technical directing

3D Simulation

Smart Systems

Interactive Design

Video Art & Mapping


יהוה ,مهندس برق قدرت,مهندس برق,ساخت و تجهیز سالن های تئاتر,همایش و استودیو,LED

Mohammad Golchehreh

Electrical Power Engineering

יהוה,999999,Robotic Enginer, Mechanic, مهندس رباتیک, مهندس مکانیک

Hassan Golmohamadi

Robotic Engineer

יהוה ,ویدئو آرت,ویدئو مپ,اینتراکتیو دیزاین,تئاتر اینتراکتیو,touch designer,video map,video art, interactive design, 3d simulation

Arman Moghadam

Digital Interactive Designer



  • Albert Hadley

    Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important

  • Jean Rosenthal

    Lighting affects everything light falls upon. How you see what you see, how you feel

  • Friedrich Nietzsche

    There is sense in hoping for recognition in a distant future only when we take it for granted that mankind will remain essentially unchanged, and that whatever is great is not for one age only but will be looked upon as great for all time

  • Jean Rosenthal

    Light is quite tactile to me. It has shape and dimension

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